German Style Sauerkraut with White Cabbage

5/13/2018 – This turned out well and was the first batch Mary began to eat every day (after a two-week ferment) as it helped her stomach. It has far less caraway and mustard than the recent ferments.

Made up this ferment at the same time as prepared my first Sauerkraut with Carrots ferment.

1,455 gm cabbage from Hong Kong Market
3 gm caraway seed
10 gm yellow mustard
15 juniper berries that weighted 2 gm
21 gm canning salt or 1.4%

Due to not using the correct total value as I became confused with the weights of the carrot kraut made this date, I had to add 7 gms to reach the 21 needed. The weights of the caraway and mustard seeds are about a third of what I have been using due to the same mistake. But, I decided to not go back and add more of each to see how it turns out. Ground the seeds in the coffee grinder until the mustard was almost a powder and the caraway were broken. The seasoning amounts are about 2/3rd of my recent ferments.

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