German Style Sauerkraut w/ ground spices

Last made this on  and liked it but it needed more spices.  This batch turned out good made with the large white cabbage and lightly ground spices in the coffee mill.

Spice levels used below based on the first batch. Used a whole head of white cabbage from Hong Kong Market. Cored and shredded with the mandoline leaving 5 lb. 10 oz. or 2,551 gm.

Mixed in 35.71 gm pickling salt or 1.4%. Raw it tasted a bit salty but not too much. Added:

  • 25 juniper berries
  • 1 T (3 teaspoons) caraway seeds
  • 1 T + 1 teaspoon brown mustard seeds

Ground the seeds a little and added to the shredded cabbage that already had the salt mixed in. The cabbage was already making brine far faster than the green cabbage had done. As there was maybe a pint of brine and some kraut left in the 2 qt. jar from the last batch of German kraut, poured some of that brine in both jars to get it started fast.

Did not hammer down with the meat cleaver. Put the mix into the 2 qt. fermenting jar and one-quart jar. Installed airlocks and put into the dark guest bathroom.

10/15/2017 – Have now eaten a quart of this batch and it was good every time. Mild cabbage flavor from the white cabbage and the spices were in the background, but there. Even though lightly ground the spices were not distinctive taste wise or visually. There were no caraway seeds and the tiny mustard seeds evident as found in the first batch of this recipe.

Next Time – Use yellow mustard seeds and twice as much. Increase caraway seed by 50% and lightly grind all. Hammer it down some so the brine comes up faster and less worry.

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