Giardiniera with Bok Choy, Mustard Greens, and Cauliflower

12/7/2019 – This is an experiment using our bok choy and mustard greens from the garden with store-bought cauliflower. The intent was to make it spicy and hence the 2 teaspoons of cayenne flakes from our garden. We tried some after a week and again on 12/23/2019 and it was very good and getting better. 12/31/2019 finished the first jar with red flakes floating and spicy good.


  • Bok Choy, chopped – target was 1 part
  • Mustard Greens, chopped- target was 1 part
  • Cauliflower, broken into small chunks- target was 1 part
  • Carrot, cut into 1/4″ thick coins
  • Garlic cloves whole
  • 2 tsp/Qt. cayenne pepper flakes from our garden
  • 6% Brine
  1. Rolled the 4-6 bok choy leaves/stalks and sliced down the roll then chopped into 3/4-1″ disks. Did the same with the mustard.
  2. Photo shows how the other was prepared and the amounts that filled the 3 quart jars. The 1 tsp of cayenne was added to the bottom of the jar and the 2nd to the top.
  3. Once we stuffed the jars we needed more so the final quantity was about 6 more bok choy leaves chopped, a small handful of cauliflower, and another carrot in addition to what is in the photo.
  4. Mary put a folded bok choy leaf in each jar so the smaller stuff would not float to the top. Then, put a glass weight on each.
  5. Mixed a 6% brine and filled them to the shoulder.
Bok Choy is in the jars and Mustard in on the board.
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