Ginger Carrot Sauerkraut, 2nd batch

11/12/2019 – This is our second prep of kraut with ginger and carrot. The intent was to make it like the first time when I made it while Mary was in Houston. Using the ingredient weights from that prep I built a spreadsheet that computed percentages of each based on the amount of cabbage on hand. 1/4/2020 – First sample and we liked it. The ginger is definitely noticeable but not too much. Likely good that I did not have as much ginger as was targeted.

We had two large, dense, heavy cabbages and cut the smaller one in half to use in a roasted dish. I did not get enough fresh ginger to meet the calculated percentage but we are close.

We sliced the cabbage and grated the carrots in the food processor. We installed the small bowl with the knife and minced the garlic and ginger.

1st time
Calc Percents*11/12/2019
Carrot – (below max 3:1 ratio) 10/9 was 30% of the cabbage286.022.86%1000.5
Ginger Root27.02.16%86.71 but only had about 75
Garlic ~ 1 lg clove per 600 gms of cabbage+carrot29.02.32%88.4
1.7% salt summing all the above21.3 76.7
  • The amount of carrot is calculated at 30% of the cabbage
  • The amount of ginger root was based on the weight of the cabbage and carrot.
  • The amount of garlic was based on the weight of the ginger, cabbage, and carrot.
  • The amount of salt was based on the total weight of all four.

These ingredients filled our largest plastic and large stainless steel bowls. It packed into three 1/2 gallon jars with one only 75% full.

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