Ginger Carrot Sauerkraut

10/9/2019 – This is a new recipe for us as it includes ginger. It was inspired by the recipe here where there are a lot of good ideas. After two weeks of fermentation we tried it and were very pleased…and a bit surprised. The quart jar was eaten rather quickly. The only change that might be good is a little less ginger so it does not come across with hints of kimchi.

11/21/2019 – Have been eating this now for over a month and it is good. The ginger level seems to have “quieted” down. The hint of sweetness from the carrots is also less than it was. It has been in the refrigerator since mid-October.


green cabbage – 1 medium head – 909 gm
carrots – 4 odd sizes – 286 gm
ginger root – 2″ avg piece plus 2 small knobs – 27 gm
garlic cloves – 5 large – 29 gm
Pickling salt at 1.7% = 21.3 gm

As the total weight was 1251 gms and 800 gm fills a 1-quart jar, we ended up with 2 quart jars that were only 75% filled.

As the generally recommended ratio of cabbage to other stuff should be 3:1, the above ingredients are close to that mix.

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