Gloves, Cut Resistant

From a comment to a post by Chef JJ

The KnifeShield glove from Forschner offers an outstanding level of cut resistance while maintaining the tactile feel necessary for performing food prep tasks such as slicing, boning, filleting, and more (note: this glove is not cut proof and will not protect from sharp points, serrated blades and meat saws, or chopping cleavers – use a stainless steel mesh glove for these tasks).

The durable Spectra and polyester sheath offers protection from cuts while providing a flexible, less slippery feel. The comfortable interior is excellent for longer periods of use. Features:

  • Unique elastic over banding in cuff for comfort and safety
  • FDA and USDA approved materials
  • Washable and bleach safe materials
  • Ambidextrous design

Manufacturer: Victorinox. Manufacturer SKU 86104

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