Griswold French Roll Pan No. 11 PN 950A

Won on July 10, 2013 for $22.50 plus $15.00 shipping from Kennebunk, Maine. Seller was elainax5.

Seller’s response to my inquiry about the pan’s history was: “I bought this pan in Mendocino, CA at a yard/estate sale back in 1983 when I lived there. I used this pan as well as many other cast iron pieces for years as our 5 children grew. We moved to Kennebunk, Maine in 1993 and of course our cast iron was brought with us. We loved the crispy corn muffins that the cast iron pan makes. Our frying pan is still used daily as the household has depleted. All the kids use cast iron for cooking too. So that’s where it’s been for the last 30 years. Thought it was time to clean out a bit and send it on it’s new journey.

Griswold French roll Pan No 11 top Griswold French roll Pan No 11 bottom

Griswold French roll Pan No 11 bottom close


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