Ham, Precooked, Frozen, then Smoked

This did not work to well. Given conclusion maybe the next time it would.

Had gotten a deep discounted whole ham and froze it. Frozen for about 3 months.

8/24/16, Wednesday, noon – Mary took it out of the deep freezer and it sat in the sink until 7 pm. Unwrapped and put it on a cookie sheet and into the refer to dry out.

8/27/16, 6 AM – Took it out of the refer and poured maybe 2 cups of water out of the tray. Let it sit out and maybe 30 minutes later cut the rind and skin off along with the heavy fat. 30 minutes later poured off more water and started 12-15 charcoals for the SnS.

7:15 – Poured the ashed started charcoal in one end of the SNS and filed the rest with unlit. Put two 6″ long splits of pecan on top and the ham on the indirect side and clamped down the lid with bottom vent at 1/4″ open and top same. Temp with dome bi-metal gauge rose to 280-300. [Past comparisons with ChefAlarm on grate found the actual grate temp is 60 degrees less than the dome. So grate temp is actually in the 240 range.

1:30 PM – IT in center is 180s and near surface is 150s. Dome gauge is steady at 300 = 240 at the grate.

4:30 – Pulled it and put into the cold oven. The ash tray was half filled with water from the ham. It had given up a lot of water.

5:30 – Began cleaning off the black outside bark and trying to get it into reasonable parts. The various muscles came apart and once the black dry bark was removed much of the meat fibers feel apart. They were dark red and dry.

The only good part was it was not overly salty…although it was salty. Smoked it too long. Should have pulled it at 1:30 — 4 hours max. The methodology was ok but the long cook time at 240 (actual) was too much together and cause much of the meat to fall into ribbons when cut across grain. Like a lot of the fat cooked out and no long bound the muscle fibers together.

Serious disappointment. At least it was cheap.

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