Hatch Peppers Fermented

8/8/2017 – Fermented the first batch of Hatch Peppers. Mary bought the HOT peppers at HEB. I sliced then into 1/4″ rings and filled a 1 Qt. wide mouth jar to the shoulder. Poured in a brine of 2T pickling salt to 1 quart of filtered water. Filled up the quart wide-mouth jar to the shoulder and closed up with an air lock lid.

8/12/2017 – Ferment is cloudy and peppers are looking dull green.

8/22/2017 – The pepper slices are a little limp and a bit crunchy but not at all hot. I do not know why they were not hot as when raw the Hatch peppers are about the same a jalapeno. Had them in several lunches and they are nice but not exciting.

10/1/2017 – Peppers are fairly firm but limp and still no real heat. Good taste with the brine a little cloudy.

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