Jalapenos & Carrots Fermented, 6% salt

10/15/2017, 2 pm – Made with firm shiny jalapenos and carrots bought yesterday. Cut the penos into 1/4″ discs and the carrots as thin as could be done quickly with a chef’s knife. Made a 6% salt brine with well water from the farm and kosher salt. Layered the penos and carrots and added 3-4 large garlic cloves per quart. Added the glass weights that held it below the brine and the special fermenting lids Mary had bought.

10/16/2017, 7 PM – One jar looks a bit cloudy and both are gassing with bubbles rising when moved.

10/25/2017 – Have been enjoying the firm peppers, carrots, and garlic for the past week. Some of the peppers are hot but good.

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