Jalapenos Fermented

7/16/2019 – Jalapeno peppers fresh from our garden. Stemmed and cut in half leaving seeds. Add three cloves of garlic to each of the two pints. Tried them after a week and they are painfully hot. Tried them a week later and one small piece chewed twice had to be spit out and my face, tongue, and lips burned for the rest of the meal. Had to throw them out.

Poured in 6% brine up to about an inch of the top. Topped off with brine from the last jar of our fermented giardiniera–maybe 1/4 cup of that brine. The 6% brine was good as they were not mushy.

We did not have the headspace for a weigh so left some sticking up above the brine and installed the airlock lid. They quickly developed white floating fungus on the peppers that were sticking up.

The peppers were from our garden grown from Bonnies plants bought at Lowes..

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