Jalapenos, jack cheese & choriso, bacon wrapper smoked

2/18/2017 – Split large, fresh jalapenos, removed seeds, and pulp. Lightly fired thin bacon strips. Inserted slices of my faux (not cured) pork chorizo with a thick sliver of Monterey jack cheese then wrapped with the hot lightly fried bacon. Sprinkled on Cojita cheese to fill in the gaps around the tasso and the Monterey jack. Spinkled on cajun seasoning on the top of the rolls.

4:00 PM – Inserted into hot MES at about 240. Air probe at 245 and MES at 265. Put jalapenos on mat on the second grate from the top and the air probe was clipped on the bottom of that grate.

Should have pulled this here

~4:30 – Noticed smoke from MES vent is heavy white and looking in the door window there is a lot of white smoke. The AMAZEN tray must have jump rows and two are burning.

5:00 – Removed one and after sitting for ~10min sliced and Mary and I sampled. We agreed it could maybe go a bit longer but not much.

5:15 – Pulled with probe at 246 and MES at 248. Looks dark brown and about to get too dark. Likely due to the heavy white smoke.

5:33 – Mary brought me one as I entered this post. It was not spicy-hot at all and had maybe too much smoke. She said it had a good flavor but to me it was bland. Should have pulled at 5:15. Odd that 15 minutes during recovery–as the door had been opened–made a difference. Mary though this was better than the small bite she had at 5:00 PM.

Lightly frying the bacon and wrapping while hot made for the bacon fat not being white at the end of the smoke.

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