Jalapenos Bacon Wrapped & Smoked

Mary bought the bacon wrapped, sausage with yellow cheese filled jalapenos at HEB. They turned out good and have a great appearance.

3/5/2017, 2:45 – Sprinkled cajun seasoning on them and put into smoker after having pulled the ribs. Put MES set point to 270 to hopefully crisp the bacon and it worked. Amazan tray was burning Trafalger hickory pellets.

4:20 – 1.5 hours – Bacon is nicely browned and exposed pepper parts are shriveled. The bacon looks moist with bacon grease and they look fantastic.

Removed and put into oven that has not been on in a while to stay warm. It was still too warm from the heat in the other oven as they seemed to have dried out and cooked a bit more.

Should have wrapped and dropped them into the faux cambro with the shoulder also smoked today.

Had one in my lunches at work the next week and they reheated well in the microwave. The stuffing was a dense sausage with a strip of cheese. It was barely moist and firm.

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