Jerk Chicken

Smoked Jerk Chicken could be good but the seasoning used here was too mild,

3/17/2017 – Smoked 4 chicken thighs smeared with jerk seasoning paste made with a mix from the Spice Sage that came as a freebe.  Made the paste with about: 1t of soy, 2t ACV, and 1T oil with the 1 oz. of seasoning mix. Rubbed it under the skin and all over.

11:00 AM – Put them in the refer to rest while prepared the kettle and lamb shanks smoked and in a separate journal entry.

4:30 PM – Pulled the lamb shanks and put the four raw, seasoned thighs on the grate. Smoke in the Kettle with the SNS is from pecan chunks from the farm.

5:30 – Grate temp is 256.

6:00 PM – IT with thermoworks instant read is 255-265. Draped pan in foil and left to rest for another day.

Conclusion – Rewarmed they were bland to mildly seasoned. Not spicy at all with a hint of the Allspice known as part of Jerk. Need to try another seasoning recipe.

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