Baby Back Ribs and Thighs

January 10, 2016

Day before removed silver skin from slab of ribs and salted liberally.

Ambient Temp was 46 degrees and no breeze. Used the Weber Kettle with the SnS and large pecan chunks over Kingsford Briquettes. Piled burning briquettes in one end of SNS and poured fresh ones against that pile but not enough to fill the SnS as the cook will not take that long. Had foil covering the open lower grate and then remembered I should have threaded in the temp probe. Decided this cook would be simpler and would watch the dome thermometer subtracting 50 degrees to estimate the grate temp.

While the kettle fire was catching:

  • Rubbed the ribs liberally with Memphis Dust. First time to try Meathead’s favorite pork rub.
  • The thighs had been cleaned of fat and excess skin and were removed from the Frig about an hour before going in the kettle. Mary salt & peppered them and liberally added poultry seasoning.  They waited in the pot on the counter.
  1. 3:30 PM – Ribs on the grill with dome temp at 300
  2. 4:10 dome at 290
  3. Placed chicken thighs all around ribs
  4. 6:00 dome at 310 and took off the chicken
  5. 6:20 – 295
  6. 6:50 – 270
  7. 7:15 – Removed ribs, wrapped tight in foil and put into convection oven at 7:25
  8. 8:30 – removed from oven and let cool some then into “tupperware” and refrigerator.

Two days later – Ribs are very dark — almost black but no burned taste. Mary warmed them in the foil in the oven. Very tender without falling apart. Very good flavor of the Memphis Dust rub that was not at all sweet and did not overpower the taste of the meat. WIsh I had smoked two racks.

Have had the thighs three times warmed in the microwave at work for lunch. The skin is somewhat rubbery although has a great flavor. The rubbery is likely due, at least to some extent, to re-warming in the microwave. The meat has the nice reddish tint from the smoke and tasted great. There was an occasional hot taste that had to come from the fresh ground black pepper. They did not taste like festival turkey legs like the legs I smoked at the farm with the pork roast. But, they were good.

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