Three Thin Steaks

2/5/2016 – This was the first time I tried the reverse sear method but only had three 1/2′ steaks found in the freezer. That was the wrong method for thin steaks. They should have been quickly seared and served.

The evening before salted 1/2″ thick steaks to dry-brine and covered with plastic.

Lite almost a half chimney of Kingsford Blue and when well lite poured into SnS.

Temp with grate ThermoChef came up to over 400 then settled down to in the range of 375. Closed off the dampers and it came down to 350 or so.

Put on two of the steaks on the side opposite the SnS and closed it up. Temp rose quickly back to about 350. Left them there until internal was at 135 or  so and moved them to over the coals. Flip them every 2-3 minutes and removed when “look right”.

Steaks were medium well done, moist despite the over cooking but had an ok flavor. The technique of reverse sear is for thick steaks and did not work for thin ones.

Next Time with such thin steaks:

  • Do not take them out of the refrigerator to warm any before cooking. Let the center be cold when it does on the grill.
  • If pre-cook on the off-coal side do it only to warm them-maybe to 100-with the lid on then sear over the coals fipping every minutes. Be sure the coals are blazing as this time they had cooled off and as the SnS was only half full with so the fire was well down the grate and smaller burning coals.

After we ate Mary lectured me on over cooking thin steaks and listening to the “ya-hoos” on the internet. So much for coming home early with her favorite bottle of wine.

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