Kimchi 2nd time

8/13/2017 – This ferment was inspired by Andrew’s Private Reserve Kimchi recipe on page 144 of our copy of Fermented Vegetables by Shockey.  It turned out great.

1 head napa cabbage chopped
3 short fat carrots, Asian market style
1 large daikon radish shredded
1 large yellow onion chopped
4 garlic cloves minced – recipe said 1T
1 T minced ginger
1T fish sauce – recipe said 1t
54 gms sea salt

The recipe also called for the following that we did not have or forgot:
1/4C Dulce Seaweed flakes
1T Sesame seeds
1T granulated sugar
1T Chili pepper flakes

Bought and cleaned napa cabbage, daikon radish and 3 carrots that once chopped and shredded weighted 7 lbs. 12 oz. = 3515 gms. Almost forgot the onion at 394 gm for a total of 3911 gm.  With a 2% salt target, planned to mix in 78 gm. We tasted it as the salt was added and when it tasted a bit salty there was 24 gm that had not been added. So, added only 54 gms of salt (1.4%) plus the 2 T of fish sauce, that has a lot of salt–that likely caused not needed the 78 gms.

Used Mallet handle to pack it

Covered the mix with plastic pressed down on the mix in the bowl so very little oxygen contacted it. After an hour plus the brine had appeared so the mix was submerged.

Put into two of our new 1/2-gallon wide-mouth jars. Hammered it down with the handle of the meat mallet. Closed up with the /new airlocks./

8/15/2017, 10 AM – 20 hours since prepared – Mary reports both jars have brine oozing out the airlocks and the brine is cloudy. She shook the jars gently and bubbles came up and there was airspace again in the traditional airlock.

9/2/2017 – Have tried this several times and like it. Spicy from the vinegar it produced but the carrots added a sweetness. Wish we had not forgotten the pepper flakes as it could be a little spicer.

10/16/2017 – Still good and has not been in the refer.


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