Lamb Rib Chops Smoked for Christmas

Before the rosemary+thyme was add

12/25/2018 – We had bought on 12/22 at South Alabama Custom Meats two 4-bone Lamb Rib Chops frozen. This cook turned out great and we will do lamb rib chops again. This will likely become a Favorite.

Thawed them slowly in the refer until Christmas Eve when we dry brinded, sliced diamonds into the fat and sprinkled on ground coriander and fennel as a rub based on the recipe on page 24 of our copy of the Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook. Before the smoke we decided we were not following enough of that recipe to follow it and would be better off adding ground rosemary and ground thyme (1:1) just before the smoke. So that is what we did.

Started a full chimney of Kingsford Blue Bag and poured them into the Slow-n-Sear with two chunks of pecan.

1:30 PM – Put the meat on the smoke side.

1:45 PM – Grate temp using the Chefworks was 291. Closed the lower air damper to 1/4.

2:00 – Grate temp is 274. The temp stayed in that range for the rest of the cook.

3:30 – Looked like it was getting done so moved the grate probe to the meat. Found the readings to be in the 140-160 range and gnashing of teeth ensued with whalings about the meat being overcooked. Took it into the kitchen and found the inside to be very moist and not overcooked.

We greatly enjoyed the meat and will do this again. The initially hot smoker seemed to give it a seared appearance and taste that was an important part of the package.

Could not tell if the original coriander-fennel rub made much difference–as the photo shows, the rub was light.







For next time think about Frenching individual chops and cooking in rosemary and garlic like here.  Could also insert garlic slivers and rub with the 1:1 Rosemary/Thyme rub.

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