Lamb Shanks slow smoked

First time to slow smoke lamb shanks and did it in the Kettle finishing off in the oven. Given the cost, work to remove the silver skin, and cook time, they would need a lot more flavor to be worth it.

3/19/2017 – Bought 4 discounted lamb shanks this morning that are about 3/4 lb. each.  Removed visible silver skin.

11:15 AM – Mary put a lot of rosemary on them then a good amount of APL’s 4 Seasons that we wanted to get rid of as it is a bit too mild for us. Returned to refer to sit a few hours. As this is Sunday we need to slow cook them today so they could not sit for the 12-24 hours as they should.

1:00 PM – Kettle is set up with SNS and pecan chunks. SNS Griddle is on the grate with alum pan with onion slices and a couple small celery stalks with leaves in 3/4″ water. I loaded the SNS differently than usual–not intentionally–by having twice as much lit in the chimney so when I poured them into the hole in one end there was too many so I pour a few along the top and the rest in the other end that had been left low as I did not expect to need the full time provided by a full SNS.

1:30 – Sprinkled ancho chili powder on shanks and put on. Grate temp is up to 250.  Ambient temp is low 70s with a gentle breeze–a beautiful day.

2:30 – Grate temp is 260. Closed down the lower vent to a little less than 1/4th with the top vent at a full 1/4th to vent any creosote. The shanks color is looking great with a red mahogany color. Shanks are looking dry so spritzed them with apple juice.

3:30 – Grate temp is 255. IT is 255-260 so closed the vents a little. Repeated the apple juice.

4:30 – Grate temp has fallen to 160. Probe goes in too firmly. Pulled and wrapped in alum foil. Ladled in a couple tablespoons of broth caught below the shanks. The shank bones are bare for up to 1″. Put then into the convection oven on a 1/4 sheet pan with the oven set at 250.

6:00 – Meat pulled apart when a fork pierced and twisted it. Still seems dry but also very lean. Wrapped tightly and covered with a dish towel on the chopping block to rest.

A week later Mary warmed up the second pair in the steamer. They were ok but not worth the trouble or expense.

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