Lemon-Dill-Garlic Kraut No. 3

We like this dill-based kraut better than anything we have made. So, time to start experimenting with the ingredients–particularly the dill. This batch contains 25% more dill at 4.6 gm rather than only 3.7. On 7/23/2019, after it has been in the refer for maybe a week, Mary said she liked it best of any we have made.

 Orig. Grams25% more dill
Dried dill at 1.25 gm per 500 gm cabbage3.74.6
1.7% salt31.7 
2 T lemon juice*  
Garlic – 3 lg cloves   

In truth, the large digital scale only weighs to the nearest gram. We arrived at about 4.6 by adding dill until it read 5 then removed some.

.* This happens to be 1 tbsp of juice per 900 gms of cabbage

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