Lemon-Dill Saurkraut No. 5 sans garlic

8/10/2019 – The 4th batch had too much dill and was not as nice as the 3rd which we liked a lot. So, this batch uses the same amount of dill as the third. Instead of 2 tbsp of lemon juice, we tried 4 tbsp. Forgot the garlic so that is the 2nd adjustment/experiment.

Dried dill at 1 gm per 400 gm cabbage4.3
1.7% salt29.4
4 tbsp fresh lemon juice – twice the 3rd batch – 1 tbsp per 400 gms cabbage 
Garlic – 3 lg cloves  

This amount of cabbage comfortably filled one 1/2-gallon and one 1-quart Bell jars.

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