Mary’s Mediterranean Salsa

5/31/2024 – This preparation follows the one on 1/5/2022 but with four major differences: sweet onions; Iberia peppers; fresh basil; and Greek oregano. The roasted flavor was subtle but enough. On 6/8/2024 we made another tray as it is very good salsa. That day we also made trays of marinara and combined the juices from the three trays to make a “to-die-for” tomato soup here.

Ingredients and the Process

  1. Cleaned and put on a 1/2 baking sheet pan that was full:
    1. Tomatoes, Better Boys, from the garden. None were fully ripe.
    2. Vidalia Onions – 3 medium ones cut into quarters and arranged among the tomatoes
    3. Garlic – An average pod
    4. Peppers – 4 Iberia Hybrid Cayenne Peppers, at the green stage, fresh from the garden, stemmed and arranged among the other items, instead of jalapenos or serranos. The Iberias on the heat scale are like the mildest Jalapenos. They did not add much heat to this salsa.
  2. Drizzled olive oil over it and sprinkled on salt and pepper
  3. Roasted under the broiler set on high until there were some blackened tops
  4. What filled the sheet also filled the food processor up to the top of the blade’s housing.
  5. Added:
    1. 2 tsp of cumin
    2. 2 tsp of Greek oregano
    3. the juice of a lemon
    4. double handful of fresh basil from the garden. Basil in image above is about one handful as half the sheet pan is in the processor.
  6. In the food processor, pulsed it to a salsa consistency. Combined the two batches and stirred to blend out any differences in the batches.
  7. Made a little more than 2 quarts.
Note the amount of basil

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