May 10, 2014 Chicken Thighs

Grilled BBQ chicken thighs on the Weber 22.5″ kettle. Breezy afternoon, mid 80’s.

Cleaned thighs of excessive skin and fat after flash thawing in how water.  Mary salt and peppered then they sat for abut 30 minutes.

Lump mesquite charcoal lit in chimney about 3/4 full. Added a few medium lumps once it was close to being ready. Once they were lit on the edges poured into the kettle and spread across one half. A few pieces were on top of others but over half was single layer.

Dampers full open and closed lid to preheat. Reached 300 quickly then 400. Once it reached 500 before adding the meat.

Placed the meat skin side down on the half over the coals. After a few minutes the flare ups began. Moved them around to not let flares burn them. Once cooked on the outside on both sides painted the top side with Stubb’s Mesquite sauce that I had added apple cider vinegar to thin it.  After they were over fire with sauce on top side moved them to the half not over the coals, with the lid on, so the sauce would not burn. Flipped and painted and repeated until internal temp was 160-170. Should have slowed cooking sooner but that is what it was at the first temp check.

Piled them over the non-file side, put on the lid and left them for 30 minutes until Mary and Kelley were ready to eat.

Next Time:

  • Not so much apple cider vinegar in the sauce. In the small deep SS mixing bowl I had poured maybe 1.5 cups of sauce and 1/2 -3/4 C of vinegar.
  • Take the meat off sooner before edges get tough and put into oven to stay warm.
  • Rub meat with more than just salt and pepper,

Turned and painted with sauce several time

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