MES Heat Distribution Notes

4/30/2016 – Modified one end of a small cookie sheet to allow the door to close and fit snugly as a baffle above the chip box and to shield the box probe on back wall and direct heat to center of chamber. Set the two ChefAlarm probes so the ends were about 3″ from the side walls on the 2nd rack. During warm up the probe over the chip box read ~20° more than the box probe and ~30° more than the probe on the other end of the same grate. As the box and internals warmed up and settle down the three readings came together within 5°. But, when the coil came on the one over the coil would climb higher but then come back down. The cookie sheet shield caused the box probe to be the slowest responding and that seemed to help.

10/1/2016 – MES temp is 153 and at door is 133 after 30 min without opening door. Reset MES to 170 and 30 min later MES is showing 179 (coasted up there) but near door on left side is 159. Again, 20 degrees different at the same grate.

10/8/2016 – MES was set at 230 and the air probe in the left front area on the third rack down read in the 215-220 range.

10/16/2016 –20161016_172549  When smoking a small amount of jerky hanging on bamboo skewers from the top grate and with a drip pan on the bottom grate there was a difference in temps of about 15 degrees between the box thermo in the back wall near the third grate from the top and the two Chefworks probes hanging under the top grate after it stabilized. Initially, pre-stabilization, it was 20+ difference. The drip pan was a couple inches off center to the right or heating element side. The chip loader was pulled out so the half open area where load chips was outside the MES about 1″.

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