Cast Iron From Sundown Farms

The pieces below were found at the farm in March 2013.

  • No. 10 – Wagner Ware Sidney -O-  PN 1060 with the 10 on the handle.   Dorothy S. Davis’ skillet.
  • No. 7 –  Only markings are “9 3/4? SKILLET” with an S below that text and the 7 on the handle
  • No. 5? – Unmarked skillet with pitted and rough cooking surface
  • No. 5 – Unmarked three-notch in the recessed heat ring, maker’s mark E at 6 o’clock and a large 5 at 12 o’clock. Based on the notches and not having Made in USA it was made in the 1930-1940s.
  • Corn Bread Skillet with open center. Poster on GCICA’s Facebook page said the ones with an open center were made by Lodge in the 1960’s. Markings from 12 to 6 o’clock are D 8 CB [hole] MADE IN USA
  • “CORN BREAD SKILLET”  in an arc at 12-o’clock and “MADE IN USA” in top of each other in block form at 6 o’clock.
  • Corn Bread stick pan with X35 recessed in the bottom of one stick and clearly written by hand.
  • Universal meat grinder
  • Miracle Maid meat grinder

The same pieces as of April 15, 2013 after being cleaned in a lye bath then an electrolysis bath then re-seasoned.

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