Inventory details

No. 3 Griswold skillet, large logo, block letters, EPU, PN 709A, chrome

No. 3 Griswold skillet, large logo, block letters, EPU, PN 709A

No. 3 Griswold skillet, large logo, block letters, EPU, PN 709

No. 3 Lodge skillet, unmarked, one notch with molders mark 1P

No. 3 Skillet by Martin Stove and Range Co. Florence AL

No. 3 Piqua Ware Skillet

No. 3 Wapak tapered logo skillet

No. 3C Wagner Ware Sidney-O-, Cast Iron Skillet –  TL

No. 4 Wapak skillet with the tapered logo

No. 5 Favorite Piqua Ware cast iron skillet with smiley logo

No. 5 Griswold skillet large slant logo chrome

No. 5 Birmingham S&R skillet with smoke ring **

No. 6 Griswold Skillet large block logo

No. 6 Griswold Cast iron skillet, large logo, EPU, chrome, PN 699C – KH

No. 6 Wagner Ware cast iron skillet, No. 1056B – TL

No. 6 size Lodge Skillet with recent Lodge logo in bottom center*

No. 7 Erie Skillet

No. 7 Griswold Cast Iron Skillet; EPU; PN 701C; chrome

No. 8 Griswold PN 704 skillet – gift to K

No. 8 Griswold Chrome Skillet, PN 704B.

No. 8 Griswold deep skillet PN 777; with lid PN 1098B; chrome; large block logo

No. 8 Wapak Cast Iron Skillet, PN 101A with the Z logo

No. 8 Wagner Ware Cast Iron skillet, Sydney O. – TL

No. 8 Wagner Ware Chicken Fryer Skillet deep – for farm

No. 8 Wagner Ware Cast Iron deep skillet with its glass lid PN 1088S – MB

No. 9 Wagner Ware cast iron skillet

No. 9 Erie cast iron skillet with the maker’s Champagne Glass mark; 2nd series

No. 9 ERIE Nickle cast iron skillet

No. 90 Griswold Cast Iron Chrome Deep Double Skillets

No. 9 Wapak Skillet – J

No. 9 Chicken Fryer with lid, unmarked Wagner Ware

10.5″ Lodge skillet *

No. 10 Griswold Skillet, PN 716 chrome, medium logo, EPU

No. 10 Wapak Skillett with Erie ghost

No. 10 Wapak Skillett

No. 11 Erie Chrome Skillet, 2nd series

No 12 Wapak Skillet with Griswold Ghost Stamp

No. 14 Bayou Classic Skillet *

14″ Lodge skillet with no size or number *

Erie Muffin Pan No. 10 Aluminum, P.N. 949 with the artistic ERIE–hence cast in 1905.

Bayou Classic large Dutch Oven*

Wagner Ware Corn Bread Muffin Pan

Corn Bread Skillet, Made in the USA, Pat. Pending **

Oval Roaster, Lodge*

Waffle Iron Favorite Piqua Ware No. 8

Wapak No. 12 Griddle with bail

Griswold No. 32 Aebleskiver pan

No. 2 Wapak Cast Iron Pot With Handles

*  Bought new
**  Family piece

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