About Sausage

Formula to calculate the amount of fat to add to get a certain percent fat in the sausage.

Fat to Add Calculator
F2A = MoH/[(1 – F%D)/F%D]

F2A = Fat to Add
MoH = Meat on Hand
F%D = Fat % Desired

Example: 10 lbs of meat how much fat do I add?
F2A = 10/(1 – 0.3)/0.3 = 4.29 lbs of Fat to Add 4.29/14.29 = .30
Meat to Add Calculator
M2A = FoH X (1 – F%D)/F%D

M2A = Meat to Add
FoH = Fat on Hand
F%D = Fat % Desired

Example: 4.29 lbs of fat how much meat do I add?
M2A = 4.29 X (1 – 0.3)/0.3 = 10 lbs of Meat to Add
Again, this is more of my scratch pad, but hopefully, someone else might find it of use. I used 30% because that’s what Jimmy Dean uses in his sausage. If I wanted 14% (1.63 lbs) for my hamburger then I use that as my F%D.

By the son of mtnlakeman at SMF.

From: http://www.madmeatgenius.com/search/label/Sausage

  • pork shoulder has the perfect fat to meat ratio for sausage.
  • Sounds good – cilantro and garlic was pureed with  roasted ‘New Hatch New Mexican’ green chile peppers that had the skins, stems and some seeds removed., This was all mixed together with spices and stuffed into casings.
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