Aged Sirloin & Brisket ToTry

My Aged Sirloin
From Susan Minor’s former website. Downloaded 6/12/17 from the WayBackMachine site.

I aged a sirloin over 30 days. Here are the pictures of what I got.

In this first picture after I washed it up you can see that the meat is so tender that when placed on its side the cap wrinkled under its own weight.

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This picture will show you the purple coloring of the meat. After it sits out for awhile it will turn back red.

These are the cuts I got. Each is labeled in the photo.

This is where I get the most cuts for the hamburger. The rest is culled out from the bottom of the sirloin. I will mix these piece with my next chuck I grind.

These 3 steaks will be shortly on the grill!  Notice how they are returning to a red color now that they have been out for a while. Plus look at how moist this meats looks. It was so tender I had a very hard time cutting them straight. In fact I didn’t!

EDIT Cooked over direct Oak wood. After pulling from grill I placed in foil, added a couple patties of butter and a little garlic. Wrapped in towel for 6-7 minutes. Need I say more?

A simple suggestion to all of you brisket folks. Purchase one in its original cryovac package. Age it in your refrigerator for 30 days at a temperature range of 33 F to 37 F. Monitor the temperature. That is all there is too wet aging. Next time you smoke one it will beat anything you ever had before.

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