Mustard Greens Kraut

12/7/2019 – The first mustard in the big garden is finally doing well so we have plenty for experiments. Fermenting sounds like a good approach so we made our first Mustard Greens Kraut. It turned out tasty with the carrots and stems firm but much too salty.


  • 424 gm green cabbage from Greers
  • 424 gm mustard leaves and stems for the garden
  • 283 gms carrots from Greers. Set this value as 25% of the total and computed the amount of cabbage and mustard at half of 75% or 37.5% each. That equates to 424 gms of each.
  • 6 avg cloves of garlic
  • Canning salt at 1.7% of 4×283=1132 or 29 gms.


  1. chopped the cabbage to the usual size
  2. rolled the mustard leaves around the stems and sliced thinly. Cross-cut the slices to make ribbons.
  3. Grated the carrots in the food processor
  4. peeled and chopped the garlic into 1/4″ size chunks.
  5. mixed all well with salt
  6. packed into a 1/2 gallon mason jar. Almost full so plenty of room for the glass weight.
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