No. 10 Wapak Skillett

Won on Ebay on July 20, 2013 for $36.55 plus $17.30 shipping from Washington, Pennsylvania. Seller was kistlerinternetauctions who sold it for someone that buys in estate sales in that area-the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania. Kistler Internet Auctions, 445 Jefferson Ave., Washington PA 15301, 724-222-8705,

Once it was cleaned and seasoned the ERIE ghost and Erie pattern number 716A became evident.

Wapak Hollow Ware Co. production was from 1903-1926. This is the tapered logo and likely was cast early in that period.

No 10 Wapak Skillett Top No 10 Wapak Skillett handle No 10 Wapak Skillett bottom


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