No. 12 Lodge SK

We owned this one before starting to buy CI on Ebay late in 2012. It is Mary’s favorite chicken frying skillet–at least it was until I bought the chrome No. 11 Griswold.

It has a recessed fire ring with “V” shaped gaps at 3, 9 and 12 o’clock. There is a reinforcing lip around the edge and a pour spout in both sides. Based on the references below from Greg it was made from 1960-1993.

Greg at the Black Iron Dude site responded to a question about someones 8SK with the same markings and four gaps in the heat ring like this one–only an the person asking had an 8 and not a 12.  Greg said it sounded like a Lodge as he has not heard of anyone else have breaks in the heat ring. The second question by the same guy about that date made lead to this response from Greg:

“Lodge pieces are really hard to date as even Lodge never kept very good records.
The 8SK designation is still in use today.
Heat Ring = pre 1993
Are the pouring spouts larger than what you see on curent Lodge skillets? If yes I’d guess it was made before the 1960s.
If they are similar in size that would indicate to me 1960-1993.”

The markings are:




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