No. 2 Wapak Scotch Bowl

Won on Ebay on July 30, 2013  for $18.50 plus $14.05 shipping from Muskegon, Michigan. Sold by sandra3758. The description said it was “black” and when it arrived it had clearly been painted with black paint.

She said this pot was purchased from an estate sale in Muskegon Michigan. The husband had died at 50 years old and had been a “picker of all old items”. The lady had lots of cast iron. This was one of the pieces.

No 2 Wapak Pot top No 2 Wapak Pot bottom




After 12 hours in the electro vat I turned it 280 degrees. After another 12 hours I scrapped it with a plastic trowel then scrubbed it with #00 steel whole. The paint appeared to be 99% gone. Put it back in the electro vat–with a new can–hanging by the bail and 12 hours later turned in 180 degrees. At the end the can was covered with the usual fluffy gunk as well as falling apart. Installed a new can and hung the pot so the inside was facing the can.

Wapak Hollow Ware Co. production was from 1903-1926. This is the tapered logo and likely was cast early in that period.

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