No. 3 Lodge Skillet, unmarked, one notch

No. 3 Lodge Skillet, one notch with molders mark 1P. Won on Ebay on Sept. 07, 2013 for $9.00 plus $8.47 shipping from Bryant, Alabama.  Seller was iamthewann.

One-notch Lodges were made in the 1930’s.  Click here for more info.

No 3 Lodge Skillet one notch Bottom No 3 Lodge Skillet one notch Top




Seller responded:  “I found this on at a farm sale of a 110 year old home contents and land in Section Alabama. They had quite a few iron items & had taken good care of most of them. I love the old skillets because of their finish. I do like to rescue old skillets clean them up & put them back in service for many more years of cooking. The one you got was made by Lodge in the 1930’s & was hand molded. Lodge went to automatic molding machines in the 60’s & now pound out the skillets. The finish now is not as smooth as the old ones made by hand.

I lived in Florence Alabama for years & worked at the Foundry Of The Shoals, this was in the same building Martin Stove operated in. I am a big Martin collector but just can’t pass up smooth skillets made by other companies when I find them. I currently work at LODGE in TN as a melt, mold production supervisor & we make around 120 tons of skillets daily, & I still look for old ones on the weekends when I can. The great thing about Lodge is I can take an old skillet to work & have it cleaned & seasoned.

So this No. 3 was cleaned and seasoned in the Lodge factory.

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