No. 5 Birmingham Stove and Range Co. Skillet

This skillet is one we had before starting to buy on Ebay. It has a inset smoke ring with a reinforced edge and double pour spout. I am confident this is a Birmingham Stove and Range Co. 1960 Century Series skillet. I base that on info given at

The following is extracted from that page accessed via the above link.

  1. All BSR
    – If heat ring, unbroken and inset
    – Ridge on bottom of skillet handle does not flatten out at sidewall of pan
  2. 1950s “Century” series
    – Small pour spouts
    – ¼” high size number above diameter in inches at 6 o’clock, e.g. “NO.8” “10-5/8 INCHES”
    – Lids have dimples in a radial pattern for basters, size number and diameter incised on underside
  3. 1960s “Century” series
    – “Made In USA” added at 12 o’clock

Markings on Jeff’s Skillet

At 12:00

At 6 o’clock is:
8 1/2IN

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