No. 8 Griswold deep skillet PN 777 with lid; chrome; large block logo

No. 8 Griswold skillet PN 777; with lid PNB 1098B; chrome; large block logo; PN 777

Won on Ebay on 2/14/13 for $62.09 plus $10.50 shipping from San Antonio TX.  With large block logo. Sold by rhmique. She said she bought an old Victorian house in Seguin 10 years before and it was in the attic. It arrived with oily bottom and embedded hard gunk from an incomplete cleaning. Cleaned the pan and separately the lid with electrolysis and it is now very nice.

Griswold used this logo from 1919 – 1940.

Griswold No8 with lid top Griswold No8 with lid with lid on top Griswold No8 with lid bottom

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