No. 9 Erie cast iron skillet with the maker’s “Champagne Glass” mark

Bought by the seller in an estate auction in Spence OK in 2012.

No. 9 Erie cast iron skillet with the makers “Champagne Glass” mark. Per Roy G. Meadows’ article on Erie Cast Iron on the WAG’s web site it is a 2nd series made between 1886 and 1892. Also in that article the makers marks are listed and based on the larger triangle on top, a roundness to that larger triangle and its position at 12 oclock to the handle I am confident the mark is the Champagne Glass rather than the Hour Glass as advertised by the seller. The position of the Hour Glass mark is cited to be at 12:30 and this one is at 12:00 as the Champagne Glass is cited to be located.

Won on Ebay on Feb 05, 2013 for $49.99 with shipping of$10.59 from Spencer, Oklahoma. Bought from winchester54.

In response to my question about known history of the skillet and how it was cleaned and seasoned the seller Kenneth said: “[I] purchased it from a local estate auction back in the summer of 2012. I have been told that the uneven bottom comes from use over a flame type cooking heat and not from a electric burner. The cleaning was with a wire brush on a right angle grinder and the seasoning was with Pompeian Olivextra Oil.” 

Kenneth responded to my question about the bow in the bottom and if it wobbled by saying: “The bow is toward the bottom and it does wobble ever so slightly on the heat ring.

top inside

Logo  Bottom Handle triangle

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