No. 9 Wagner Ware Dutch Oven

Won on July 08, 2013 for $36.00 plus $19.52 for shipping from Modesto, California. Sold by Galen whose ebay name is galenca0. In response to my inquiry about its history she wrote:

“I do have a bit of history on this item. It was from an estate sale but this item was from a friend of the person who passed away. I asked if they had any cast iron at the estate sale and they said no but she personally had a couple pieces.

She is in the Rumble bloodline and part of the Rumble family in Modesto California. This is one of the famous early Modesto Families and they are today still a huge family farming business. They are anabaptist and migrated here from Germany, I believe. They are a local prominent family in our local Brethren Community. They do not have some of the modern items that we have today (ie. TV, Internet, Cell phones). The men have full beards and wear overalls and denim pants. The women wear skirts and dresses that come down to their ankles. They wear prayer scarf’s on their heads.

They are really nice and are great to have in your town. Their bake sales and jams are to die for!! There is a book on them from a local.”

See an article at YELP titled Old German Baptist Brethren Church for info that Galen said “is spot on” about the community.

Made between 1935 and 1959 per the Cast Iron Collector as it has the stylized logo.

No9 Wagner Ware DO inside No9 Wagner Ware DO lid inside No9 Wagner Ware DO Top with lid on No9 Wagner Ware DO bottom

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