Okra Fermented – No. 4

8/05/2019 – The second and third ferments turned out very good. The row of okra in the garden daily produces 10-15 more small tender okra pods. We now have enough to make a quart and a pint. This ferment turned out very good. Use it in the 5th prep on 9/10/2019. 11/28/2019–Served them as appetizers to Thanksgiving guests and they were good. Brian and Justin liked them–especially since they were “not slimy”.

Mary stuffed the jars and added a couple of pinches of crushed peppers. I mixed up about 478 gms of water with 24 gms of canning salt (~5%) and couple dashes of cayenne from our counter shaker. Filled the jars and again did not have room for the glass weights. Only had a little brine leftover. Shoved the pods down hard.

11/28/2019 – When we opened and served them on 11/28/2019 the ones at the top were barely out of the brine and had no discoloration. The heavy black plastic fermentation lid had been in place and did its job.

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