Okra Fermented No. 6 – Very Good

9/20/2019 – This ferment has 25% less crushed peppers and no cayenne like No. 5. It does include 4 garlic cloves. After about 3.5 months on the top shelf of the little pantry we tried them and they were great. Good crunch and great flavor. Should make this recipe again

Stuffed a half-gallon jar with large and small okra and added 3 teaspoons of crushed peppers: 1 teaspoon with garlic before the okra, then one with garlic at half full; then the last teaspoon and last garlic when full.

I mixed 5% brine and filled the jar. Stuffed in a glass weight and screwed on one of the fermenting lids. Had to top it off all afternoon as the air escaped the pods.

3/30/2020 – Found a quart that had white and brown mold on many pods throughout the jar. Threw it away.

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