Our first home ground/seasoned sausage

We brought from the farm Dad’s two meat grinders and have been reading about grinders and uses. Admittedly I have spent more time looking at larger grinders on ebay and even bought a Griswold 1110 that has not yet arrived. Since learned it is a small grinder.

Yesterday, we bought a book on making traditional sausages and picked up more tips on how to make it.

Today; the Universal grinder was cleaned completely; we went to Fiesta and bought a 3.5 lb. pork butt; removed most of the grizzle and silver skin; cut off then chopped the fat layer into 1/4″ cubes; and the meat into about 3/4″ pieces. Put the grinder in the deep freezer and the meat back in the refrigerator.  We had about 3 lbs. of cleaned cubed meat/fat and so used 1/3 of the ingredients in the recipe below.

Set up the wheel with the fewest blades and fed a third of the meat through.  The grinder mushed it up with little cutting but still in small chunks. Then put on the middle wheel and much less course and mushier. Then the finest wheel and got total mush.

Thirty minutes later we got started with seasoning the meat+chopped fat per the recipe below. Kneaded it well as the seasoning was added first to each side of a large patty in the large bowl then to each side of a log then more kneading.

Seasoning Recipe from http://www.grouprecipes.com/99278/basic-pork-sausage.html


How to make it – These instruction were modified to what we actually did.

  • Place the meat into a large oversized plastic bowl.  Mix all of the spices together. Sprinkle the spices over the meat evenly and then, using your hands, begin mixing it all together.
  • Roll a piece of sausage to about the size of a [large] golf ball,  and flatten it into a patty. Fried the patty, and tasted it.
  • The flavor was great! Back to ebay to buy a larger grinder as this will be fun.
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