Brisket Our Way

As of 2/25/2017

  1. Trim all fat from the point. Trim all fat but 1/4″ from the top side of the flat. Rub generously with SPOG or equivalent.
  2. Put in Kettle or MES with fat side up for flat.
  3. Smoke at 225 grate temp for about 6 hours or until smoke is no more. Pull, wrap in foil and into the oven on a sheet pan. Oven set at 300-350 with ChefWorks remote temp probe in thickest part of flat set to alarm at 205..
  4. When the alarm sounds test with the probe through foil and if you can pierce the meat like a warm knife going into room-temp butter then it is done.
  5. When each piece passes test remove, wrap in a towel and into cooler to rest for at least an hour.

Others Advice:

  1. When cooking at home or for catering jobs, I’ll get 4 hours smoke on my meat in a 250-degree pit, then wrap it up and finish it in a 350-degree oven.  Works like a champ everytime. — Per Bruno at SMF
  2. The point is made up of a different muscle group, is less dense that the flat and has more fat.  That’s why you can ignore it and go by the thickest part of the flat to judge when the brisket is done.  Per demos…..

  3. For brisket you want the internal temp to get to 195-200 for at least an hour or so so it will break down the collagen, which is what makes it tender.

  4. The Magic happens with time at or above 180*F. That is why so many Sliced Brisket guys go to 185-190*F…So an IT of 175*F is not enough it will be tough…JJ
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