Smoking a Butt

Below was first written on 12/4/17 and based on the smokes of pork shoulder roast (Boston butt) to date.

  1. The evening before, if not earlier, trim the butt removing heavy fat to 1/4″. If it is not trimmed into separate chunks–to increase the amount of bark–then diamond-scored the thin fat cap.
  2. Dry-brine with salt plus rub with Stubbs HPR. Cover with plastic and put into the refrigerator overnight.
  3. Next day smoke in the MES set at 250 with a grate temp about 240 using light blue pecan smoke.
  4. When the IT reaches the stall about 160 give it another hour of light blue smoke.
  5. Pull and wrap in foil sprinkling on creole seasoning and a 1/4 C of ACV in each foil pack. Cook in the oven at 250 until IT is 200 then test for doneness; i.e. table knife inserts like into warm butter.
  6. When done sprinkle on more Stubb’s HPR or black pepper or Creole Seasoning. Wrap tightly to rest for one hour.

    From the August 13, 2017 smoke

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