Pastrami from Store-bought Corn Beef

3/17/2023 – On this St. Patrick’s Day, we seasoned and smoked a 3.5 lb. corned beef brisket flat with a first-time-ever seasoning/rub. The fat was removed from the vac packing and rinsed. This turned out very good and was an easy way to make pastrami for Mary’s favorite sandwich—the homemade Ruben.

The seasoning was:

  • 6POGS not heavy
  • ~3 Tbsp whole coriander that was partially cracked in a cast iron skillet with the meat mallet
  • ~1 Tbsp per side of Brown mustard seed
  • ~1.5 tsp per side of Ground Allspice
  1. Put it cold in the Recteq at 225° loaded with the Recteq Original pellets.
  2. at about hour 4, the surface was drying out so made a baste of EVO and ACV at very roughly 1:5.
  3. at hour 5 it was moist so wrap it in foil—without our usual puddle in the bottom of the foil of ACV—and finished in the oven.
  4. pulled at 155° as they had been in the smoke for 5 hours.

The image shows Mary shaking on the whole brown mustard onto the flat with the partially cracked coriander.

This was the day after Ranger died and at the end of the first week we had Daisy the cat.

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