Pinto Beans Smoked with Butt

5/13/2017 – These beans started out for five hours under the pork shoulder whose journal entry is here. They like the shoulder took 12 hours to get tender and then not much. I will not try this again. This could never be as good as our ham-bone-stock beans.

4:00 AM – Put one lb. of dried pinto beans into a pot of boiling water, covered and turned off heat to draw out sugars. After 90 minutes poured off dark water and rinsed. Put beans in fresh water and heated on the stove to bring to a boil so when added to MES it would be hot. Put into a 3″ deep aluminum pan with a large onion quartered and the equivalent of 6 average garlic cloves.

7:30 am – Put into MES with the pork shoulder. See that post for temps.

2:30 – Pulled from MES with the roast. Onions have blacked edges that were not submerged. Put into a CI DO and simmered on the stove. Mary added a can of Swanson’s Chicken Broth (added a little at a time as it simmered down) and maybe 2 tsp of cumin. They are not even close to being tender. The bite is firm to almost crunchy.

5:30 – They are still not tender but better. Put the CI lid on the DO.

6:30 – Finally they can be eaten. Flavor is flat and texture is still sorta tough. No smokey taste or aroma although they do look kinda dirty.

Next Day – Warmed them and added: chopped tomato; green onion; and cilantro. Much better but still not worth the trouble.


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