Poached Eggs on Mustard Greens

12/13/2019 – As Mary really likes poached eggs on spinach, we tried them on fresh mustard greens picked before breakfast. This one did not turn out well as did later cooks where the package was finished in the oven.

  1. Removed the center stem and chopped them crossways into 1″ strips. Put them with some water drops into the skillet with bacon grease from the bacon that had just been fried. Covered and let them wilt.
  2. Sprinkled bacon strips cut 1/4″ wide over the wilted greens and covered to continue to wilt. Kept the skillet fairly hot so the greens wilted completely down and began to sizzle.
  3. Broke two eggs over them and let begin to firm and replaced cover.
  4. Sprinkled salt, pepper, and pre-grated Italian cheese over the greens and eggs and left covered until eggs were almost firm with soft yolks.
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