Pop’s Breakfast Sausage

Below extracted from here.

“Now, the one recipe I can share is my dad’s from his grocery store for his pan sausage (breakfast sausage). He sold tons of this, it’s an old-fashioned recipe from the family farm and is quite simple and basic:

Mix together :

8 oz. salt
2oz. black pepper
1oz. ground sage

Mix well.

Measure out 1/2 ounce of seasoning per pound of meat: 4oz for 8lbs.

Cut pork into 1″ or so cubes. Mix with seasoning and let set 10 min. for the salt to pull out some moisture, then remix.

Grind once or twice thru a fine plate (depends on your preference) for patties. Or, grind once, then stuff into 19mm lamb casings for little links, or 28mm to 32mm hog casings to smoke for smoky breakfast sausages.

Again, if you’re using other than full lbs. of product, you can re-proportion as described above!”

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