Pork Butt and Beef Tip Roast Smoked

10/15/2017 – Dry brined the tip roast with kosher salt the night before. This morning cleaned up the butt and took off about 3 lbs to cure for tasso. Rubbed the beef with Jeff’s Texas Rubb and the piece of the butt with Stubbs Hot Pork Rub. This simple cook with two small roasts worked out well and provide variety for the week.

9:00 – Put both pieces into the preheated MES with the setting at 250 and it had coasted up to 265. The beef is above the butt over an aluminum tray.

~ 11:30 AM – The beef IT is 153 so pulled it, wrapped and into the oven set at 200 to continue the slow cook and not overheat it. Have removed both and put into the oven set 225. IT on the beef and the pork is ~ 153.

12:00 – Smoke is done as Amazen tray jumped the track and there was a lot of smoke until now. Removed the butt, wrapped and put into the oven set 225. IT was 155.

~1:00 – Pulled the beef to cut open and be sure not overcooking. IT is 156 but it has been in there for about an hour. Smell is great and nice aux jus in the foil. Great flavor but a bit tough. Put it back in the oven.

~3:00 – IT on the pork via the Chefworks is rising too slowly so reset oven to 300.

~4:00 – Pulled the beef so it does not overcook. Left it wrapped to rest. About 5:30 we ate dinner with the beef cut thinly across the grain. It was a bit chewy but not too much and had a great flavor from the smoke and Jeff’s Texas Rub.

~5:00 – The Pork is up to 205 so pulled it, left it wrapped to cool on a plate and later put in the refer for another day.

10/16/2017 – Mary warmed up slices of the pork butt in the steamer. They were very tender and flavorful.

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