Pork Butt “Quicky”

Did not start this early as usual so raised the MES temp to 260 and let it roll. Butt was cleaned of a lot of fat and ended up in two thin slab, rubbed liberally with 5POGS.

1:00 PM – Put the butt pieces into the MES that was preheated with the Amazen tray with ChefMasters Blend smoking. The MES temp stayed in the 265 range for the entire cook. Had a steady stream of TBS.  That temp was higher than past smokes where it was set at 260 and oscillated around that level.

6:00 PM – IT is 185 in the thickest part of the thin slab.

7:30 – Still at 175 in parts and nothing over 195. Ate the thin part anyway and it was well done. Need to check the thermos.

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