Pork Butt Smoked

11/12/2016 – This butt turned out great. Even to the last pieces of the part not vac packed and later cut up and nuked for lunch 6 days later.

8.8 lb. pork shoulder roast the night before after it had partially thawed in hot water for about 3 hours rubbed with Stubb’s Hot Pork Rub.

2:30 PM – Put into MES set at 260 but only about 220 but rising slowwww. AMAZN tray is fully loaded with Trafalger hickory pellets that were pre-lit and making good TBS.

3:15 pm – MES is reading 260-270 but air probe on third grate (from top) between meat and door glass is about 220. Still, TBS moving quickly as chip tray loader is pulled out about 3/4″ to allow good air flow.

4:00 – ChefAlarm’s air probe is reading 225 and MES set point is still at 260 and reading 259 and heating. The fast flow of TBS. Inserted 2.5 lb cured pork loin to top grate. See post about it here.

5:00 – MES is at 256 and heating with ThermoChef air probe at 226. Good TBS moving fast although chip loader is now nearly fully inserted.

6:00 MES is reading 268 and Air prove is reading 237. Opened and inserted meat probe.

6:15 – MES is 273, Air Probe is 233 and IT is only 123.

6:45 – Wrapped in foil and moved to the oven set at 325 with ChefAlarm set to alarm at 205.

~11:00 The alarm sounded. Put hot into refer and back to bed.

Next morning cleaned off the fat and separated into chunks. Vac packed the money muscle and point to take to the farm next week. Tasted great even cold.


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