Pork Butt smoked at Sundown Farms on St. Patrick’s Day

Afternoon before cut the 9.5 lb. roast in half and smeared with yellow mustard. Then rubbed in a solid coating of Stubbs Hot Pork Rub. put back in cryo bag and back to refer.

About 7:30 AM lite a half chimney of briquettes and when only a little black still showing poured them into the tray of the Great Smokey Mountain smoker. Added two 3″ diameter pecan logs and a long 1″ log.

About 8:30 the logs were burning and making a lot of smoke. Added the two roasts on separate racks, closed her up and adjusted the vents until is stayed in the 220-240 range.

Monitored grate temp on lower meat grate and it went up and down a lot as the logs would burn away from each other. Then when pushed them together and added some, they would finally flame up and the temp soar to 300+. I was watching each time and closed the vents some and the temp would drop fast and stabilize in the right range.

At 3 pm, moved the ChefAlarm probe to internal and found only 140. Moved it to the other roast and found 144. Removed and wrapped them in foil. Placed them in Hamilton Beach roaster set at 225.

At 6pm moma had to eat. Internal was only up to 190  and 194 in the smaller one. They were not pull apart tender with a lot of visible fat seams. Ate pieces from the small one that was ok tender but not done to pull apart standards.

The foil wraps had caught a lot of dark liquid that I poured into a SS bowl and into the refer to jell. The next morning removed the heavy grease layer to expose beautiful brown jelled drippings.

Next afternoon about 2PM – Put both wrapped in foil back into HB Roaster set at 300 knowing the roasted setting is 20-degrees higher than the actual cooking temp. Set ThermoWorks to alarm at 203 in the smaller one. When it alarmed, removed that roast and inserted probe in the larger one. Ate the smaller one and it was pull apart tender with a less grey color. Ten degrees made a lot of difference.

Heated the jelled drippings and measured it to find there was 1-1/4 cup. Added 1-1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon of Stubbs hot pork rub as did not have the usual seasonings used in finishing sauces. Simmered it for 30 minutes or so. Nice addition to the pulled pork making it very moist with a lite spicey tone. The vinegar seemed like it would be too much while heating in the pot but almost did not notice it when poured on the meat.

Note – The above notes about the finishing sauce were copied into a separate post this date.

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